Are men who travel for sex evil? Let’s rephrase this question in a way that makes it sound more polite: is traveling to another country in order to have a sexual adventure unethical?

Well, opinions differ on this topic. I guess you already know what answer I would give you if you would ever ask me this question. I am convinced that travelling to another country in search of sexual adventures is anything but unethical. The experiences you gain from those adventures are worth more than every amount of money in the world, and I think there is no better feeling for a man than to wake up next to an exotic beauty in a small beach bungalow.

However, if you would ask a hardcore feminist who studied gender equality and who has shorter hair than 90% of all soldiers, you would probably get a different answer. She would say that I am a bastard and that I should burn in hell for exploiting poor and innocent girls from developing countries. I love to seduce women all over the world and they have reciprocated the enjoyment, so how can I possibly think that this is something unethical?

Why Traveling For Sex Could Be Seen As Unethical


I don’t know if it is plain ignorance or frustration that leads to anger against everything, but whenever I tell people that I have a website that focuses on seduction in an international context, I always get the same stupid questions.

“You encourage men to exploit women?”

“No, I encourage men to have sexual relationships that are based on mutual attraction and affection!”

“You encourage men to pay poor girls for sex?”

“No, I never pay for sex and I don’t encourage men to pay for sex!”

“Are you a sex tourist?”

“No, I am a seducer!”

I have the feeling that some people just ask me those questions because they hope that I fulfill the cliché they have in mind. All they want is to label me as something they heard of in the media in order to put me in a box, without having the courage to admit that a lifestyle that includes sex with amazing women from all over the world doesn’t sound that bad.

At least it sounds better than waking up next to a fat and grumpy woman every morning and jerking off to internet porn every night, which seems to be the life of many young men today. One reason is that a lot of people consider prostitution as unethical. I personally don’t consider it as unethical but I am also not the biggest fan of it. If somebody wants to have sex with prostitutes he can do it, but I am not interested in having this experience.

Nobody has ever said that traveling to another country to improve your love life necessarily includes paying prostitutes for sexual favors. I had sex with a lot of women who had more money than me and I never paid for sex during my travels. Whenever I tell this people who criticized me, they suddenly become speechless because I don’t fulfill the stereotype they had in mind.

Why Traveling For Sex Isn’t Unethical

Even though sex is still a taboo topic for some people, it is the most natural thing on earth. Sex is universal. It is the one thing that provides human beings with the most intense feeling of pleasure that we can experience. In my opinion sex is the main driver for most achievements in our society. For us men, the prospect of having countless beautiful women in our life who want to suck our dicks is a huge motivator.

If sex is nothing bad then please give me any logical reason why sex with women from other countries and cultural backgrounds is suddenly bad and unethical. It makes absolutely no sense. In case you are American and you have sex with an American girl nobody has something against it, but as soon as you have sex with a Colombian girl, some people immediately think you are an evil bastard.


Don’t these people realize that the Colombian girl enjoys your penis inside her in the same way as the American girl? Don’t these people realize that both American and Colombian women love sex? Sex is good and traveling for sex is even better. Traveling for sexual experiences combines the pure enjoyment of sexual pleasure with an epic chance to grow as a person and as a man.

The moment you decide to travel for sex you also decide to embark on a journey of personal development. In order to travel the world in search of the most delicious vaginas that this world has to offer, you have to overcome your fear of judgment, your fear of women and your approach anxiety. You have to embark on a path of personal development in order to crush your fears and to approach, date and seduce the women you truly want. During your journey you will learn a lot about international dating customs, cultural behavior and you might even learn a new language.

How the hell can this be unethical? It isn’t and it never was. The only reason why so many people are convinced is because the leaders of our society want you to believe that you are a bad person if you live out your sexual fantasies. Welcome to the matrix…

Why They Want You to Believe It Is Unethical


Do you know that the western hemisphere will be faced with a lot of problems in the future? In case the current development doesn’t stop, which it probably won’t, our society may go the way of the dodo bird.

Nobody wants to get married anymore because the divorce rate doesn’t stop rising. When young men are asked if they can imagine to get married and to start a family, the majority of them say that they never want to have a family in their life. What do the women say to this?

They are too busy focusing on their career until they realize at 40 that they won’t find a man anymore and that they are too old to have children. Welcome to a world of embittered single women beyond the child-bearing age who believed in the Sex and the City myth for too long.

What do the men do? If you’re smart, you will realize that there is a world of women who are more than happy to start a family with you before they turn 30. You might start to travel for sex because you want to have a good time with gorgeous feminine women, and eventually you will fall in love with one of those girls, start a family and be happy in a relationship in which you can be a man.


Now, why do they, and with “they” I mean the leaders of the western countries want you to believe that what you are doing is wrong? The reason is simple.

More men who travel for sex leads to fewer relationships in their home country. This leads to lower birthrates and eventually to the extinction of the society. This extinction leads to countless things that the leaders of our countries don’t want. Fewer men who are stupid enough to pay for mortgages, less marriage expenses, less divorce expenses, less educational expenses, and less consumption in nearly every other area are only a few examples.

The more men realize that it can be beneficial to live in a country where you pay less for an apartment with pool and gym than for a doghouse (If you ever lived in London you know what I mean), the less money a government will make off those men.

Stop listening to the opinion of other people who are nothing but manipulated drones and start to ask yourself what you really want out of life. It is your choice if you want to enjoy your life with amazing women or if you want to end up living the same miserable life as the majority of men nowadays.

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Sebastian Harris

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