Trending News: This Girl Has A Bionic Arm, So Of Course She Does Badass Cosplay

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Caitlin Michelle was born without her left arm from the elbow down and she was recently outfitted with a bionic arm. As a result of her disability, the elementary school teacher has a unique ability to pull off some badass cosplay costumes.

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With the blood-boiling news cycle this week, we could all use something uplifting. Caitlin Michelle’s story does the trick.

The 25-year-old woman from New Jersey was born without a forearm from the elbow down, but she’s flipped her disability and turned it into a unique ability. Michelle loves dressing up as superheroes, a.k.a. cosplay, and her costumes are straight up legendary.

Check her out as Bucky Barnes a.k.a. Winter Soldier from Captain America.


In December, Michelle was able to do away with the prosthetic arm she’d used since she was four-year-old and was outfitted with a bionic arm. Yep, now she’s a cyborg.

“My new arm is really efficient, it’s been such a game changer, I can use it for a full day and then I plug it in overnight, just like a phone really,” Michelle said to Mirror Uk. “There are sensors inside the arm which locate where my strongest muscle signals are, they then help me to navigate.”

FYI, here’s how the bionic arm works:


Michelle, who works as an elementary school teacher, said it took some getting used to, but the kids now love their cyborg teacher.

“I teach kids of 11 and 12 and they are fascinated by my arm, they always compare it to video game characters,” she said. “The small robot sounds that my arm makes used to confuse some of the children but now they see the fun side of it, they’ve all got used to me wearing it.”


Lucky kids…

Michelle first got into cosplay last year as Wonder Woman and said doing cosplay with her special ability challenges people’s perceptions.

“A disability like mine isn’t something that people are used to seeing every day, whether in public or on television,” she said. “I feel I’m acknowledging that I am different by drawing attention to my hand in a funny way. I don’t want people to think that missing a limb means my life is tragic or worthy of pity.”

Wow, what a terrific attitude. Here are some more of her excellent outfits:


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